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test Ekotez was established in February 1991 to produce equipment for recovery of refrigerants (freons) from repaired or liquidated refrigerating devices. That is also where the name EKOTEZ comes from as an abreviation of Czech words EKOlogical and TEchnical equipment ("Zařízení"). The hot news about Ekotez is, we continue as a producer for refrigerant reclaiming unit (reclaim refrigerant) formerly produced by Van Steenburgh engineering.

The production facility started in September 1991, same as the export to Germany.

At the begining Ekotez had 12 employees from which 8 where company establishing partners. At that time there was only one type of machine that has been produced. Ever since there the product portfolio has been widened and modernized. In 2002 the company already had 60 employees and 30 different products.

In 1995 the company entered an international Ozone saving program and became a supplier in more than 60 project financed by the World Bank, UNIDO, UNOPS and Czech Ministry of Environment. In the field of refrigerant handling, Ekotez has attained considerable proffesional and commercial success.

Longtime experience has led the company to the front places not only in Czech Republic, but also worldwide.

Actual product range covers equipment for handling with refrigerants (recovering, reclaiming, flushing and filling units), dehumidifiers (condensing air dehumidifying) and individual technological units according to special request of various customers. As an independent field of scope Ekotez produces heat pumps for heating of fish ponds, especially for Japanese koi carps.

In the field of environment protection the company also works in collection and liquidation of used refrigerants.

Ekotez also offers cleaning service for A/C systems using it´s own Ekoflush unit toghether with special solvent produced by Honeywell.

Ekotez has two shops, rental and service center. The shops mainly concentrate on components, spare parts and tools for cooling and A/C industry.

Ekotez is certified with QMS (ISO 9001:2009) and EMS (ISO 14001:2005).

For the purpose of handling the regulated substances a F-gases EKotez is certified by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Complete range of production as of 2018:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heat pumps for KOI ponds
  • Ekoflush flushing units
  • Recovery units
  • Reclaim units for refrigerant reclaiming
  • Race motorbikes lifts
  • Reclaiming and regenaration of refrigerants
  • Customized manufacturing

Ekotez offers:

  • Tools and equipment for service of refrigeration and A/C systems and other professions
  • Refrigerants
  • Spare parts
  • Compressors and cooling units
  • Cu piping
  • Condensate pumps
  • A/C units - including turnkey solutions
  • Heating equipment - Kroll

Ekotez also sells other industry leading brands: Refco, ITE, ATP-Bosch Automotive ServiceSolutions,Honeywell, Cubigel/Huayi Compressor Barcelona, TST Stag, Wigam, Hansa, Unicorn, TIF,Robinair,Klimax, Niccons, Fieldpiece, Wigam, C.E.M.E. . PVG International B.V., Olimpia Splendid etc.


For more information please contact: commerce@ekotez.cz